EVNW Meeting Minutes 1/9/2013

Dear Neighbors and Area Stakeholders:

Please find the following minutes from this week’s Neighborhood Watch Meeting.


  • January 19th, 2013 –  Pedestrian/Bike “Share the Path” Outreach Event

    • The start time of the event is 10am.  The team discussed meeting at the site at 8am to start set-up
    • Michael to provide 1 table, 4 chairs and pop-up shelter. Christina and Grove to assist with posting signs, Vincente, David and Bob to distribute fliers at Church, Jasmin to ‘read the list of etiquette during the event, Oliver with CD-13 to provide water, Karin at FOLAR to provide KIND snack bars
    • Each entity supporting the event will have a banner: FOLAR http://folar.org/, EVRNC, LA Bike Coalition http://la-bike.org/, EVNW https://evnw.wordpress.com/
    • General comments from the public – 1. The event should have an early start time to capture the serious ‘early AM’ bike riders, The ‘problem’ people will probably not stop for the event – How do we reach out to those that do not stop?
    • The etiquette rules were reviewed and discussed to ensure everyone understood their meaning.
  • February Neighborhood Clean-UP (Jed)

    • Tentative Date set for Feb 23, 2013.  Details to be discussed at the next meeting dated Feb 13, 2013
  • Area emergency Preparedness Plan

    • Bob is working on drafting a course for the neighborhood and will make a presentation when it’s available.
  • Clean Water Beach Measure

  • Email Newsletter announcement (Jed)

  • Neighborhood Crime Report  (O. Bobby Hill)

    • The EVNW was notified of Officer Bobby Hill’s retirement as of January 2013.  The EVNW will write a letter thanking him for his service.
    • The new senior lead office will be introduced at the February EVNW meeting.  Elysian Valleys new senior lead officer is >> Gina Chovan, 30347@lapd.lacity.org (213) 793-0760
  • CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report  (Oliver Delgado)

    • Oliver notified the EVNW that he will be traveling later in the month and will not be able to attend the outreach meeting. No New Items for 2013
  • Bulky-Item and Graffiti Abatement

    • Residences reported a spike in the amount of graffiti.  Senior Lead Officer Chovan as well as Oliver from CD-13 were present and acknowledged the increased graffiti.  This is due to ‘non-violent’ inmates being released from prison by the city in an attempt to balance the city’s budget. EVNW to review and discuss possible action to mitigate the graffiti in the neighborhood. 
  • Web: https://evnw.wordpress.com/  http://www.facebook.com/EVNW.LA

Thank you for your participation and help in making our neighborhood safer.