Public Hearing – Please Attend – This is your opportunity to speak out against/ for the Clean Water/ Beach Measure

click here to download the protest form.

You may hand deliver this to:
Executive Officer
Board of Supervisors
Kenneth Hahn Hall of
Administration, Room 383
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
At the public hearing, the Board of Supervisors will receive oral
and written testimony about the proposed clean water fee. Any
property owner may testify or file a written protest with the
Executive Officer of the Board of Supervisors at any time before
the end of the public hearing. A written protest must identify the
parcel address and assessor’s parcel number, and must be signed
by the property owner or an authorized representative.
You may use the protest form included below or write a letter.

This is the official announcement of the meeting. Note the meeting time is 11am, Jan 15, 2013.  You need to submit your protest form before then.  If you attend the meeting please take a copy of your protest form with you.

Board of Supervisors to Hold Public Hearing on Clean Water

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