Share the Path Event – Jan 19th – Banners

Full details with directions and times can be found at our original blog entry: Click here. We hope to see you on the path next Saturday.



  1. The bike path should be for bicyclist only. I doubt walkers will pay any attention about keeping to the right.

    • Susan, the Elysian Valley stretch of the new Pedestrian/Bike Path has been a space historically enjoyed by local residents of all ages-without incident. Sadly, the renovation/design of the path failed to address the .”shared” element and necessary safety. Consequently, the most affected by this oversight have been the pedestrians of EV-particularly the elderly for whom the path represented a safe space for daily exercise. Too many of our elderly have sustained physical injury that would easily have been avoided with reduced speed from cyclist passing through the EV residential zone. So until an alternate “bike exclusive path” is had, all stakeholders need to to learn to safely coexist. We believe this is an important first step and hope you will join us this coming Sat. to promote safely sharing the path.

      Best regards,

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