Clean Water and Beach Measure – Letter and Protest Form


Dear LA City Council Members:

During our Neighborhood Watch meeting of last night the subject issue was a topic of discussion.  The majority of those in attendance were unaware of the proposed measure and the associated fee cost to property owners should the measure pass.  More troubling was the fact that the overwhelming majority of residents expressed not having received the “voting protest form” and that the measure is written so thata no reply from residents equals a “yes” vote for the measure.  The few who received and read the measure commented that it arrived via mail with the appearance of “marketing junk mail”-which may explain why the overwhelming majority of residents are unaware.  We trust you’ll agree that this has the appearance of being a deliberate effort to deceive the public.

In view of the above and with the public hearing and response deadline fast approaching (Jan. 15, 2013), please consider this a formal request (first) on behalf of Elysian Valley residents and (second) on behalf of all LA County residents to extend the response time and postpone the hearing before the Board of Supervisors until such time as adequate outreach/information efforts have been undertaken to inform the citizenry via City and neighborhood organizations. I trust you’ll agree that the would be affected residents of Los Angeles deserve the opportunity to make a well informed decision.

I’ll sincerely appreciate your swift reaction to this urgent matter and thank you in advance for your much anticipated correction in favor of city property owners.


Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch

P.S./ For the benefit of the EV stakeholders in copy, please find the attached protest form by clicking here: cleanwaterprotest