Urgent information for Property Owners. Clean Water, Clean Beaches Measure.

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In short every property owner should have received a voting card for the Clean Water, Clean Beaches Measure from the Los Angeles County.  The measure is for a Proposed Clean Water Fee that is different for each Property. Check your mailer for the exact amount for your new fee.

If you do not respond to the mailer you agree to pay the new fee. The only way to vote in opposition to the fee is to respond.  A non response is agreeing to the fee.

You have to deliver a no vote to the Board of Supervisors by Jan 15, 2013 at 9:30am to count as being opposed to the new fee.  If you have thrown away your ballot (see image below) you need to follow up with the address/ numbers/ websites below.

For more information about the measure please visit: http://www.lacountycleanwater.org/

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