Job Opportunity – Associate Garden Manager


Job Title – Associate Garden Manager

Company –  Home Grown Edible Landscapes – Geri Miller, principal. Learn more at

Location – Manhattan Beach – This portfolio of clients will be focused mainly in the SouthBay and Palos Verdes area of LA County.

Compensation – Starting at $15/hr

Responsibilities –

·          Manage and maintain private clients’ gardens including:

o         transplanting, propagating additional plant material when needed

o         soil management

o         fertilizing

o         pest and disease management

o         harvesting, pruning

o         orchard care when applicable

o         seed saving

·          Assist senior manager or principal in seasonal demolition and installations

·          Give clients email updates of what work you performed at each visit and any recommendations for action to be taken by client prior to your next visit

·          Manage your own service calendar directly with clients

·          Immediately advise principal of any problems that you feel need additional attention

Required Skills –

·          Degree or certification in horticulture, agriculture, urban farming or related field or certification as a CE Master Gardener or UC Victory Gardener

·          Thorough knowledge of all facets of organic, sustainable/regenerative and permaculture practices

·          Ability to diagnose and problem-solve using organic methods

·          Working knowledge of irrigation systems especially drip irrigation and ability to perform minor repairs

·          High degree of organizational skills

·          Ability to perform hard physical work and move heavy items from time to time

·          Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

·          Must be able to utilize email and access the internet

·          Occasionally assist during classes


Desired Skills –

·          Experience working with school-aged children is a plus

·          Teaching experience working in a school garden is a plus

·          Retail experience is a plus

·          Experience working with CA native plants is a plus

·          Landscape design experience is a plus


Other Information –

·          HGEL is a small family of like-minded folks who love to grow edibles and teach others to find the joy in growing their own food too.

·          You must have a car in good working order and valid CA drivers license and insurance.

·          You will be able to attend any classes offered by HGEL (if you’re not needed to assist) tuition-free

·          We encourage all our garden managers to grow at home so when there is a surplus of plant material on-hand, HGEL will give you plants to take home for your own use.

·          We’re nice people!

Application Mode –  Please attach your resume to an email with an introductory paragraph and send to

Application Deadline – Dec 31

Contact for Further Information –  Geri Miller at