EVNW Meeting Minutes – 11/14/2012

Dear Neighbors and Area Stakeholders:

Please find the following minutes from this week’s Neighborhood Watch Meeting.

Note: No meeting December 2012


  • Area Emergency Preparedness Plan (Very Important in Light of after effects of Hurricane Sandy in the East Coast-Bob Berg )

Bob, spoke to the importance of being prepared and the NW agreed to set aside NW meeting time to offer emergency preparedness workshops.  David brought with him sample emergency preparedness food items (1 month supply) having a shelf lifetime of 20 yrs from Costco ($80 –delivered) as well as non-battery operated flashlight/radio/siren/phone charges from eBay ($20) and spoke to the importance of having water supply including a generator for power.  The lesson from Hurricane Sandy confirms our need to be self-sufficient for a minimum of three-four weeks.  It is the goal of the NW to have a printed emergency preparedness plan that includes area map and basic survival information (i.e., supplies, safe zones, emergency numbers).  Stay tuned for upcoming workshop announcements.

  • January Pedestrian/Bike path Outreach (Sat. Jan. 19th David)

Saturday, Jan. 19 is the official outreach date to promote the safe shared use of the River pedestrian/bike path.  David and Jed referenced the minutes from the working group meeting of 10/17 (see below).  Banners announcing this outreach will be purchased and put up to draw attention and participation.  Jazmin, a sophomore student attending the University of Laverne spoke and offered her PR assistance to draw media attention and help organize a “share the path walk” day.


    • Welcoming Reception/celebration tables set at entry/start-end access points to the path (i.e., Fletcher & Oros St. including street access points)
    • Bike Etiquette and share the path material to be handed out in a welcoming manner along side water bottles, etc. Monthly, Quarterly events (to include newsletter outreach to cycling groups, PAA members & friends of the LA River, etc. )

            Physical Barriers (for future consideration/action):

o        Surface Stripping/markers (i.e., dense lines, 2D stenciling on path) at pedestrian street access points and where appropriate

o        Oliver of CD-13 made known that this was possible via DOT

o        Surface breaks in the asphalt small enough to impact speed and not endanger cyclist and/or equipment

o        Speed limits (although difficult to enforce given limited law enforcement patrol

o        Use of small reflective speed bumps

o        Elevated Access-Crosswalks

            Partner with LAPD to increase their presence (including routing their Academy training through the EV path) to have a steady police presence

           Oliver of CD-13 agreed to explore the stripping of a bike lane alongside Riverside Dr. to lure the spandex riders in training and needing to travel at high speeds

Long-term Re-engineering Plan of LA River to include separate grading for safe pedestrian walks on the water side of the existing path.  

All agreed that we need to assist Mr. Ramirez with filing a police report.  Officer Hill has offered to take the report in person if necessary.

The bike coalition, CD-13 and all in attendance expressed commitment to working together to find timely amicable solution to the bike/pedestrian conflicts at hand.

  • Defaced Yield to Peds signs (see sample art work replacement ideas, i.e., dogs on leash, clean-up after your dog, pedestrian/bike safety, etc.)

David has been collecting the defaced “Bike Yield to Peds signs placed on the River and proposed reusing same with alternate messages that draw attention to safety, care, proper path use etiquette and overall neighborhood pride/beautification.  The below sample work was petitioned at cost from one of the local artist.  It was reiterated by David and others that the problem cyclist are a small minority.  The idea of having residents adopt the cost of a sign with a community message of the type described above (utilizing the local art talent of the neighborhood) was presented and well received.  Many in attendance and subsequently have pledged support.  David shared having talked to cyclist on the path from neighboring Glendale who expressed support for EV efforts to promote safe/shared use of the path.   Both expressed approval of the below signs and commented how much they enjoy the Elysian Valley stretch of the path.  

  • February Neighborhood Clean-UP (Jed)

Jed, spoke to the need to have a neighborhood clean-up effort that is on going and has targeted the month of February.  We are contemplating a quarterly clean-up that targets the River Path and Residential blocks with outreach participation to all stakeholders (i.e., businesses, residents and friends of EV).  Stay tuned for more details to come.

  • Artwalk Recap (Jed, Tracy, Allen)

Jed, Bob and David spoke to the success of the artwalk and the enriching embracement of local talent and community building that it helps promote.   Residents in attendance echoed this sentiment and suggest having the artwalk more than once a year.

  • Email Newsletter announcement (Jed)

Jed is working on setting up a newsletter using (Evite) as an outreach tool for the NW and other EV groups that helps facilitate cooperation between EV groups.

  • No December Meeting (Happy Holiday to all)
  • Neighborhood Crime Report  (O. Bobby Hill)
    • Portable Video Surveillance Update

O. Hill presented camera material and estimated pricing $3,624.  We are ready to purchase and hope to have equipment in the hands of LAPD in the next two weeks.  Thank you again to our many sponsors.

    • Elderly guy being beaten up by cyclist

O. Hill confirms not having yet taken a police report due to victim not having been available.  The NW will reach out to Mr. Rivera to assist with a report being filed ASAP.

    • Young guy beaten-up and bike stolen on the pedestrian/bike path

O. Hill confirmed having paid victim a visit at the hospital but expressed regret with how little was offered to assist the investigation.  

    • Vandalism at Jarding Del Rio Community Garden

No progress made but case passed on to detectives.  In truth, low priority, given other more pressing dangers to be pursued.  Nonetheless, the importance of reporting was highlighted once again as no report=no crime=no LAPD resources.

O. Hill concluded his report with a call to report crime and a commitment on his part to dedicate LAPD resources to EV as possible.

  • CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report  (Oliver Delgado)
    • LA River Lights Continuous Operating Failure

Oliver committed to readdressing this issue with DWP and Contractor as there are light that have never worked and the liability of same rests with the hired contractor.

    • Metrolink Clean-Up Efforts 

Oliver indicated that Council Member Garcetti is aware of resident’s desire for his written endorsement of community clean-up efforts at the Metrolink Maintenance Yard across the River.   Per Oliver, the good Councilmember is reviewing things with “all” departments and will get back to us in due time.

    • Garcetti 311 (who receives and how does it work?)

A telephone application to report bulky items, graffiti and other problem areas.  Oliver confirms that this is not entirely working as planned.  There is only one person dedicated to sorting reports resulting in a back-log.  Additional, transmission problems exists with I-phone compatibility.  Residents were encouraged to use the telephone 311, fax, and email, in addition to the Garcetti 311 APP.

  • One on one time with Lead O. Bobby Hill-LAPD and Oliver Delgado (CD-13)

Residents were reminded to make use of both O. Hill and Oliver to address any issues that they did not wish to address publicly.

Telephone Scam Targeting the Latino Community and the Elderly

            Residents were reminded of telephone scam targeting the Latino Community and the Elderly.  They are being called via a 1.800.381.6492305.735.2405 numbers from Florida.  Criminals are passing themselves for Court/Attorneys/Collections and threatening/intimidating residents with confiscation of assets (damage to credit, including immigration deportation, etc.) if their call is unanswered and some payment made in exchange for dismissal.  Calls are being made to people’s landline at home and via cell phone.  They will quote missed court dates, long forgotten purchases (i.e., vitamins, cosmetics, etc.).  This is a scam!  Do not fall victim and do not offer any personal information.   Share this with your friends, family and neighbors.

Thank you for your valued participation and help in making our neighborhood safer.