Telephone Scam using a ‘lawsuit’ to entrap victims

RE: Plese be aware of fraudulent calls being made to EV residents from a 1-800-381-6492 number claiming failure to appear in court in response to a lawsuit against the intended victim.

O. Hill and stakeholders in copy,

I received multiple calls today from alarmed EV residents (elderly) concerned with a call they had each received about a lawsuit against their person and their failure to have appeared in court.  I took the phone number and called first hand only to find a very pleasant voice on the other end, who quickly wanted my name and other personal information while refusing to give me any information about herself and the company she worked for. She became upset with my questioning and abruptly ended the call.

Residents report being requested to call back and when doing so were told of a pending debt they allegedly owe and were immediately requested to provide personal information.  This is clearly a Scam!  As such please do not provide any personal information even if they leave you a message in your name.   Do not fall victim to it and report it to police without hesitation.   Following is a sample of the message being left.  

            “Received a message at home from someone claiming I had missed my court appearance of today (10:30) in response to a lawsuit against.  I was told to call back and threatened with someone being sent to my house with further notice if I failed to call back.”

“Recibi un mensaje en mi celular, que decia que yo estaba citada hoy en la corte a las 10:30 de la mañana, que me iban a mandar otro requerimiento y que querian saber la razon por la que no me presente, me me amenasaron con enviar alguine a mi casa.

Please share this with your family, friends, neighbors and employees.

Best regards,