LA-River Pedestrian/Bike path – Meeting Minutes – 10/17/2012

Following are the Minutes from 10/17/2012 meeting concerning the LA-River Pedestrian/Bike path.

Issue: Continued injury to Elysian Valley pedestrians by cyclist travelling at excessive speeds and failing to yield to foot traffic and refusing to share the path.

Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 9:07 AM
To: David Delatorre

David, I heard about an incident that happened on the river about a week or so ago.  A Mr. Juan Ramirez was exercising on the metal fence bars when along comes a group of ten bike riders.  One of them brushes against Mr. Ramirez and ends up falling from his bike.  He and three of the bike riders started beating and kicking Mr. Ramirez.  David Felix first told us of the incident.  We met Mr.  Ramirez  this morning on the river and he showed us the injury in his mouth when one of them hit him in the face.  Mr. Rivera lives on Meadowvale and about three or four houses from the river on the east side of Meadowvale.  He told us that he did not report the incident to the police.


In attendance:

Representatives from the LA-Bike Coalition,

Council Garcetti’s Office (CD-13),

Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council,

Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch,

Elysian Valley Residents,

UC Berkeley Student

Proposed Corrective Action:

1.       Outreach to Cycling Community and EV Residents

    • Welcoming Reception/celebration tables set at entry/start-end access points to the path (i.e., Fletcher & Oros St. including street access points)
    • Bike Etiquette and share the path material to be handed out in a welcoming manner along side water bottles, etc. –scheduled date to be decided in the coming weeks….stay tuned.
    • Monthly, Quarterly events (to include newsletter outreach to cycling groups, PAA members & friends of the LA rier)

            2.    Physical Barriers

o        Surface Stripping/markers (i.e., dense lines, 2D stenciling on path) at pedestrian street access points and where appropriate

o        Oliver of CD-13 made known that this was possible via DOT

o        Surface breaks in the asphalt small enough to impact speed and not endanger cyclist and/or equipment

o        Speed limits (although difficult to enforce given limited law enforcement patrol

o        Use of small reflective speed bumps

o        Elevated Access-Crosswalks

            3.   Partner with LAPD to increase their presence (including routing their Academy training through the EV path) to have a steady police presence

            4.   Oliver of CD-13 agreed to explore the stripping of a bike lane alongside Riverside Dr. to lure the spandex riders in training and needing to travel at high speeds

5.   Long-term Re-engineering Plan of LA River to include separate grading for safe pedestrian walks on the water side of the existing path.  

6.  All agreed that we need to assist Mr. Ramirez with filing a police report.  Officer Hill has offered to take the report in person if necessary.

The bike coalition, CD-13 and all in attendance expressed commitment to working together to find timely amicable solution to the bike/pedestrian conflicts at hand.

Best regards and thank you to the many who participated in this very important meeting and who will join with us in this improvement endeavor.  And a special thanks to Bob and Janet for making 70’s available to meet. 70’s is the name given their private unoccupied home which has been furnished with the sole purpose of having available to EV residents to meet.