EVNW – Meeting Minutes 8/9/2012

Dear Neighbor and Area Stakeholder:

Following are the minutes from last night’s meeting:


  • Portable Video Surveillance Update (Alan Berta)

Mr. Alan Berta informed attendees that he is now in a position to recommend camera purchase.  The following options offered:

1.       Portable battery operated-Non-Wi-Fi camera – Estimated Cost $ 450.00

2.       Portable Wi-Fi system mounted on vehicle – Estimated Cost $ 2,000.00 + vehicle (i.e. used van)

3.       Portable Wi-Fi with high resolution/remote wireless access – Estimated Cost $ 4-5000.00

The idea camera for our community and the one we have been discussing from the start is option 3.  Alan expressed that he has had mix signals from police as to who would have ultimate control of this system.  It has been the position of the NW that LAPD would keep control and react to community surveillance requests, with the NW having ownership of the equipment.  To clarify this issue the NW Camera committee will meet in the coming weeks with O. Hill-LAPD.  It is conceivable to have a combination a mix combination of the above three (3) options employed in Elysian Valley.  The NW made clear that time is of the essence and that movement in this direction must occur without unnecessary delay.  The NW will issue an invite communication to all interested in attending the aforementioned meeting.

  • Neighborhood Crime Report  (O. Bobby Hill/O. Ochoa-LAPD)

LAPD could not attend due to travel/vacation leave by both O. Hill and Ochoa.  Residents were guided to the NW web site (https://evnw.wordpress.com) and invited to click on The Eastsider LA link run by a former LA Times writer who is doing a fabulous job reporting stories in Elysian Valley and the surrounding communities.   The NW committed to having a crime report back fro LAPD in due time and posting same at our site.

  • CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report (Oliver Delgado)

Oliver updated the community of the LA River light problems.  Stretches of the lighted path have been working on and off for some time know and the NW has been reporting said issues in response to neighborhood alerts from residents.  The problems have been identified to DWP maintenance issues, which are now being addressed.  Vandalism to the LA River path railing too is being addressed with the responsible department.  The NW reinforced to Oliver the communities desire to see this fixed ASAP in line with the “broken window theory” model which states that failure to rectify this type of vandalism in a timely manner only invites more vandalism.  The sidewalk issue problem on Fernleaf St. stemming from last December’s wind storm is too being addressed and residents should have a functioning sidewalk soon.  Lastly, Oliver left his email address (oliver.delgado@lacity.org) and invited residents to reach out to him with any concerns. 

  Naked Bike Ride (American Naturist Families Association (ANFA) President Michael Beals)

The NW thanks Mr. Beals for having accepted our invitation to discuss this issue.  Mr. Michael Beals attended and was presented with the following position on behalf of Elysian Valley residents/stakeholders.

    • The legality of the ride does not make right nor justify the ride through EV residential zone
    • The ride is a public act with deep negative public effects to the EV community
    • The ride through the EV residential community produces some degree of inappropriate action, including behavior classified as sexual harassment as it is not invited and the persons subjected to it and everyone else nearby “must deal with it”
    • Given the above, the EVNW on behalf of the community request that organizers reroute future ride around the Elysian Valley community.

Mr. Beals presented the position of his group which seeks to draw attention to environmental issues.  He indicated that the ride through EV residential zone was largely due to requests from LAPD to not travel the pedestrian/bike path alongside the LA River nor heavily traffic areas (i.e.,Riverside Dr./San Fernando Rd. etc.).  The NW and residents objected to ANFA not having afforded the area Neighborhood Council and Neighborhood Watch representatives the opportunity to have had a dialogue on the ride coming through EV.  If the outcome of said dialogue had been that resident in EV did not want the ride coming through, it too would have afforded ANFA the opportunity to re-evaluate their ride path.  In response, Mr. Beals agreed to meet with EV representatives ahead of next year’s planned ride.  The following comments were posted on our webpage after our meeting, which well sum the open dialogue.

Thank you all for extending your invitation to me to attend your meeting tonight. I feel that although some of us have choses to agree to disagree with each other, that the meeting was successful in not only giving me the opportnity to share my thoughts with you and hopefully answering some of the questions you had, but also in being able to share your thought and I appreciate the level of respect  that most of you showed to my family and I. You have given me good insight into options that may be very useful no matter the outcome of the 2013 ride route plans and I(as verbalized) will commit to being a part of the communities processes by attending meetings in the future in regard to the ride and its plans. I offer my welcome (since im not real good with remembering names) fo anyone who was there tonight to email me at:michael@naturistfamilies.org with any questions, concerns or options that you wish to discuss. I am very interested in keeping in touch with a couple people: The lady who I spoke with regarding the bike trail issues, the lady who jokingly said “get a broom”, I like that idea and am actually interested in the idea, of course the people managing this page, and the other lady who did alot to offer suggestions as to announce and inform the community of the ride.”

  • LA Bike Coalition (Colin Bogart-Invited)

Unable to attend due to conflicting meeting schedules.  The speed issues on the river continue to plague the path with multiple confrontations between the pedestrian/cycling stakeholders.  Attendees were reminded that this was a walk-path well before it was a bike path and that tragically many residents (especially the elderly) have stopped their daily exercise routines along the path for safety concerns.  All recognize that we have an ally in the LA Bike Coalition and that efforts need to be undertaken to bring about amicable working solutions.   Ms. Karin Flores from FOLAR brought attention to funding sources and LA-River plans under discussion that can help with this issue.  The NW promised to work closely with Karin to better inform itself and become more actively engaged. The NW to plan a day of information/education outreach on the path for all stakeholders with LAPD bike patrol to be invited along with LA Bike Coalition representatives.

  • LA River (LAPD Patrol, NW Signs, lights, etc.)

The NW announced that NW signs had been placed alongside the LA River pedestrian/bike path this past Sunday.  LAPD too is requested herein to increase their patrol of the LA River during the evening hours due to increase loitering presence of undesirables.

  • Frogtown Artwalk (participation & volunteers needed, outreach postcard, etc.)

The Frogtown Artwalk is Sept. 22, 2012 and the NW will have a table and host a local artist (Chris a.k.a. Space).  All are encourage to get involved and attend.

  • Metrolink Maintenance Yard

You are invited to attend Metrolink’s Board Meeting this Friday at 10 AM (One Gateway Plaza, 3rdFloor, LA, CA 90012) to voice your desire for a “health risk assessment study” that will show the harmful effects of this yard in our community and move Metrolink to take immediate corrective action.  

  • Block Captain Sign-Up (Bulky-Item and Graffiti Abatement)

Residents were encouraged to volunteer to be “block captains” that can be called on to report issue on their block.

  • Misc. (i.e., community garden area festivities/parade, Nixie police website, time-bank, area business directory,etc.)

The NW promoted participation in the EV Fields Community Garden at the corner of Rich St./Blake, discussed the idea of planning community pride events/parades to promote greater community, invited to sign up for “Nixie” a police blog with up to the minutes stats on City and area crime.  Information was dispensed on the outreach that came to us from the Arroyo S.E.C.O. network of time banks.  Marie Gurule and her area girl scout troops are undertaking putting together an area business directory.  To my many business stakeholders in copy, please be on the look-out for them knocking on your door and receive them with kind support.

The NW thanks you for your participation and for helping make our community safer.