Nude cyclists ride through Elysian Valley’s residential area this past Saturday


Dear Council Member Eric Garcetti and Fellow Council Members:

The Elysian Valley community was once again subjected to the grotesque site/indecent exposure & sexual harassment of the World Naked Bike Riders this past Saturday (June 16, 2012).  The LA Weekly reports over 200 Angelenos were wearing nothing but a bike (  From these reports, it is clear that other neighborhoods were similarly affected.

The Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch (EVNW) was recipient of countless reports of complaint and dismay from individual residents and families who witness first hand the riders come down their residential streets in plain view of all (including children at play).  Following is a communication quote from one concerned resident, which I trust is self explanatory…

In my 66 years I have never seen anything like this. A very large group of bikers just rode down Rich Street. The majority of them were completely nude! I have a very large orange tree in my front yard and a couple of them stopped and tried to climb my fence to get oranges. I went out and yelled at them to keep moving and get the hell out of my sight!! They became argumentative and said the oranges were on the side of public property. I don’t mind sharing the oranges but they were too disgusting to watch. I called Northeast P.D. station and also left a message on Officer Hill’s phone. I believe they crossed the line of this being a free country!!

This open disregard for public decency is a slap on City wide efforts by law enforcement and resident groups to safeguard our citizenry from these blatant transgressions.  The EVNW frequently deals with indecent exposure like issues brought to attention by residents concerned with the well being of their families.  Without hesitation, the advice from the EVNW and LAPD has been to report such matters to local police.

Disturbing is the fact that this event is permitted with zero regard for the public safety and quality of life of the affected communities.  Equally troubling is the apparent political protection being afforded this cycling group by City Hall.  According to police, the “last time these people made a ride in the down town area, the patrol officers were told not to cite or arrest”. 

In view of the above, please consider this a formal request on behalf of Elysian Valley residents for an explanation of the City actions permitting this ride as well as formal request for action to stop this from reoccurring ever again in Elysian Valley.

Best regards and thank you for your attention to the aforementioned.  I’ll sincerely appreciate hearing from you in due time.


Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch


  1. You have got to be kidding me?! A display of sexual harassment and indecent exposure for riding a bike naked? Whoever wrote this article is grasping at straws to find some harm in this innocuous “crime”. Well being of families? There were families riding in this parade. KTLK 1170 AM covered this story last night after Johnny Wendell and his family were exposed to the protest and found it to be quite amusing;

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    Please excuse me for being so bold as to say this but it sounds to me like the single person who complained was more disturbed about someone taking a few oranges off of their overgrown tree than the display of public nudity.

  2. Dear EVNW,

    I’m afraid you just lost all credibility by accusing this event of “sexual harassment.” Even using “indecent exposure” is a stretch. Your hysterics over this event are quite misplaced. Although genitals (both male and female) are exposed by some participants, they aren’t flaunted in your face nor are they exposed just for the sake of being exposed. The purpose is to call attention to (and point out the dangers faced by) the bicyclists, motorcyclists, skateboarders, etc. who share the road with cars that very often don’t pay proper attention to their surroundings. A secondary purpose of the ride is to highlight the need for reducing our dependency on oil and other non-renewable energy sources by promoting bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation.

    As a repeat participant of this ride, I must point out the the vast majority of the people we ride by are extremely supportive both of the purpose for the ride as well as the NON-SEXUAL nudity involved. Everybody has genitalia so I believe your decision to label them as obscene is the real crime here, and teaching your children this is even more shameful. Perhaps you should move to Europe for awhile where casual nudity is commonplace at beaches and other common areas, and it’s not given a second thought. Then perhaps you’ll gain a less closed-minded perspective.

    One last thing. Please learn the difference between “site” and “sight”. I perform quality assurance for a living and I find your incorrect word usage offensive.

  3. There are several flaws with the statements in the letter written to the councilmembers.
    the word grotesque for instance is merely a decriptive opinion of the writer…not an actual fact., secondly, saftey is of utmost importance to the organizers of the ride. Not only for the participants but for the residents as well. The letter aslo state that PD was told not to cite, but does not reflect what the PD was actually told…”NOT TO CITE UNLESS LEWD BEHAVIOR OCCURRED”
    According to California panal code 317, nudity must meet certain guidlines in order to be considered lewd and therefore illegal. NONE of thes guidlines were met and therfore the PD were not needed to cite anyone. the issue of children seeing it..well….there actually were minors as young as 11 or 12 that were participants in the ride. Nudity is not a thing that is unsafe for children. Also the incidents of sexual and racial harrassment that we know of actually were initiated by the residents…NOT the participants of the ride. Which the council should also be aware of.

  4. I dont see what the problem is. Most of the participants are residents of the area, there were alot of riders that were fully or at least mostly clothed. nobody seemed to be behaving in a lewd manner. and the majority of onlookers (in my block) seemed quite undisturbed about the whole thing.

  5. There was no lewd conduct as far as I could see. I rode the entire route. Everybody was just riding their bikes naked. Can you specify what exactly happened that constitutes indecent exposure and/or sexual harassment? I am sorry you felt that all of us were disgusting. However, this is a matter of personal opinion and not enforceable by law, just as someone finding your face ugly also cannot call the police to make you go back into your house. There is no reason why the city should not allow this ride to happen as no laws were broken. The next ride will be on June 8th 2013, maybe you can hang out in your backyard that day?

  6. This was my first time riding w/ this group and it was awesome ! the 2 guys who joined our group half way through our ride,1 had a bike the other a skateboard, they were on city property (sidewalk) they tried to grab an orange from a tree that IS over grown/overlapped the city sidewalk. Now, it doesn’t make it right what they did. I wouldn’t mind going back and give this lady some organic oranges to make things right. Otherwise this was a friendly ride, many people cheering us on and some even joined. I hope next time more will join us.

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