EVNW Meeting Minutes – 6/13/2012

Dear Neighbors and area Stakeholders:                

Agenda Items:

·         Crime Report (O. Hill-LAPD)

O. Hill unable to attend.  In his absence attendees were reminded of the need to report area crime and any suspicious activity to 911.  All were further reminded that

No Report=No Crime, which in turn=no LAPD resources for Elysian Valley.

Residents were alerted to on going vehicle thefts and the availability of “The Club” for a minimal cost of $11 at the North East Police Station on San Fernando Road.  The station is also offering free “Low-Jack Security Systems” to any resident who has had his/her Toyota or Honda vehicle previously stolen, filed a police report and is a good standing member with no criminal record.

Residents in attendance requested that LAPD be asked to refer any area crime victims to the Neighborhood Watch Program for support and assistance.  We were also alerted by residents that the crime activity on the LA River pedestrian/bike path is up with the summer school break.  Spike in graffiti, illegal drinking, pot smoking, indecent exposure were among the problems brought to attention and requiring greater LAPD presence.

Although we have seen great improvement in the safe/shared use of the pedestrian/bike path, some concerns were expressed regarding bike speed dangers to pedestrians.  The NW committed to continuing efforts to improve the shared use between all stakeholders.  Residents were encouraged to be more active on the path-as speeds will naturally lessen with more people present.

Residents requested special attention to the LA-River street access/entrance points.  They would like to see some flagging of these point of entry to alert the cycling community to watch for pedestrians entering the path.  The NW will work closely with CD-13 and EV Neighborhood Council to find a working solution to this concern.

·         Surveillance Camera Update

Mr. Alan Berta, the lead technology expert working with LAPD advised the following via email:

“I’m still doing some research on some of the products for use on the Portable VSS.  Normally I would have this information relatively quickly, however, some of these are new products that are to be released in June and July.  And from the preliminary info I’ve seen a couple of these products may be worth waiting for in terms of both new features, the camera enclosure, and cost.  My Rep is trying to get me the info sooner versus later.  As the information becomes available, I will keep you informed. Alan”

In view of the above, the NW hopes to be in a position to purchase and put the camera to use in the coming month.  Thank you for your patience and for your sponsorship of this pioneering effort.

·         CD-13 Report (Oliver Delgado)

Oliver, invited neighbors to our Councilmember Garcetti UNTAG  “free” Pancake Breakfast summit taking place on June 16th where, Councilmember Garcetti will be speaking about UNTAG and new efforts to target graffiti and other efforts to beautify our neighborhoods.  I am including the flyer below so that you and the neighbors have it.  Please join us!  It will be a great event and it will also be an opportunity to speak with our neighbors about how other communities in the district are working together to improve our neighborhoods.

June 16th
El Centro del Pueblo, 1157 Lemoyne St. LA, 90026
Please call 323-957-4500 to RSVP

Oliver, promised to look into reports of LA-River light south of Dallas St. not working and provide answers in due time.   Several residents from Fernleaf St. addressed with Oliver a river project that is removing fencing alongside several properties.  They expressed being opposed to removal of the fence for safety/security reasons and indicated dissatisfaction with having had no prior notice.  Oliver promised to look into this and communicate back his findings.  Residents were invited to bring this issue and others to the Neighborhood Council, which meets every 3rdThursday of each month at the E.V. Recreation Center on 1811 Ripple St. Los Angeles, CA90039 beginning at 6 p.m.

·         Misc.

Applications were on hand for the Elysian Valley Field Community Garden on Rich/Blake St. as were Voter Registration forms and Scholarship application from the De La Torre Family.  Residents were reminded that they can access this information on the NW website- https://evnw.wordpress.com/

Who continue to sign-up Block Capt. to report bulky items/graffiti and other block needs on a weekly basis.  The NW goal is to have block captain to call on for every street in Elysian Valley.     

Mitch O’Farrell (LA City Council 13 Candidate for the March 5, 2013) was in attendance.  He highlighted his experience and made a pitch for support.  Mitch worked for the past 10 years as aid to Councilmember Eric Garcetti.  For more information on Mitch visitwww.mitchforcitycouncil.org.   Residents were encouraged to become politically active and support Mitch and/or any other candidate of their choice with both their vote and wallet. 

Thank you to the many in attendance and those making a daily difference in bettering the quality of life for all Elysian Valley residents/stakeholders.  Special thanks to DICKERSON EMPLOYEE BENEFITS for lending use of their facility to the NW and countless other efforts in favor of Elysian Valley.  I encourage my Corporate friends in copy to look to DlCKERSON for their employee benefit needs.

See you next month and have a wonderful summer break!