Please sign and return the attached clean air petition, concerning the Metrolink Taylor Yard across the LA-River.

Please help improve the quality of air in our neighborhood.

Option 1.

click this link and please fill out the info to ‘sign’ the petition for clean air in and around Elysian Valley

Option 2.

Your second option is to download this PDF, fill out the petition and then scan and email to Grove Pashley at

click here to the petition in PDF format: John Fenton CEO Metrolink

Thank you and please take action and participate in making the neighborhood a better place for this generation and the next.

the petition looks like this:


April 22, 2012

John Fenton, Chief Executive Officer


One Gateway Plaza, 12th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Re: Metrolink Taylor Yard Maintenance Facility, 1555 N. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, 90065

Mr. Fenton:

We are greatly concerned with the serious health effects on our community adjacent to the Metrolink Central Service Yard.  With more than 30 locomotives serviced daily, often idling for 2 or more hours each, they are creating a hazardous environment for our community’s health and our children.

There are no fewer than 9 nearby schools, as well as Cypress Park Recreation Center, Rio de Los Angeles State Park and the LA River Bike Trail.  You are not only putting our neighborhoods at risk, but also many school children and adults who use the nearby schools and recreational facilities.  Remarkably, there are plans for senior and family residential development on an adjacent parcel of Taylor Yard, putting even more people at risk of lifelong respiratory illness.

In addition to the promise to upgrade 30 of 52 locomotives in the Metrolink fleet by the end of 2014, we would also like to remind you of the near term goals.  We support the requests of the Northeast LA Residents for Clean Air including:

  • An immediate focused Health Risk Assessment for the Taylor Yard Facility from Metrolink. We need to know what the baseline emissions are, to be able to quantify the effectiveness of your remediation efforts.
  • Immediate reduction in service yard hours – with no “overflow traffic.”  Limit servicing hours to 7 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday and no weekend service.  Any overflow traffic into the facility must be serviced at alternative facilities such as the Eastern Maintenance Facility.
  • Electric power should be upgraded throughout Taylor Yard to provide power to passenger cars while they are being serviced to reduce engine idling time.
  • Stronger enforcement of safety regulations for noisy, heavy exhaust periods, including reducing the idling time of each engine serviced for no more than 20 minutes per day.  Purchase and use non-polluting pushcarts for moving trains around the yard.
  • Installation of exhaust and noise capture hood devices where engines are “load tested”, i.e. heaving, revving, and for engines that are idling during daily general maintenance.
  • Implement a quiet zone for horns and bells.  Work with the LA City Council Districts and the communities in order to implement sound barriers.

Many in our community have no health insurance and rely on County Health Services for even the most basic health care.  Our community’s health and our children’s future should not be the price for getting more cars off the road and people into public transportation.  We strongly urge you to support the requests by the Northeast LA Residents for Clean Air.

Thank you,

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