EVNW Meeting Minutes – 4/11/2012

Dear Neighbor and Area Stakeholder:

Please find the following minutes from our Neighborhood Watch Meeting (4/11/12)


  • Portable Video Surveillance Status Report

The camera working committee met Monday April 9th to discuss area use scenarios, camera options and desired specs.  Resolution! Resolution! Resolution! is a key necessity as is the capacity to delivery quality video at night and stealth capabilities.  The experts took input from committee member (including Officer Hill) and promised to deliver two (2) to three (3) camera options meeting the above criteria for our purchase decision.  We are one step closer to making this a reality and again thank you for your private and corporate sponsorship.

  • Area Emergency Preparedness-LAFD Cert Class 4/12, 4/19

Only two classes left for completion of the Cert Class, from which valuable survival information has been had.  It is the hope of the EVNW to bring to all resident the learned information for their own preparedness.  Residents in attendance shared their learning experiences.  Jed, made mention of the use of body  pressure point learned to stop bleeding and reminded us all that use of a tourniquet drawn tightly around a limb to stop bleeding should not be your first option as use of this will undoubtedly arrest circulation and may result in limb amputation.  We also learned that when dealing with burns use of running water at room temperature is the best application ahead of bringing someone to the emergency room.  Use of ointments and other household supplies are discourage as individuals may be allergic and the emergency room uses an abrasive and painful scrub to cleans these applications.  Resident in attendance were reminded that the classes can be taken independently and were encouraged to attend the final two classes and seek the other classes in workshops offered throughout the City.  Glenda mentioned that a new set of classes is calendared for May in the Mount Washington neighborhood.  David communicated a commitment had from Firefighter/Lead Instructor (Mitch McKnight) to teach a one hour class at one of NW meetings.  Stay tuned for this announcement as this is “summary/recap training class” that you don’t want to miss.   

  • Neighborhood Crime Report  (O. Bobby Hill)

O. Hill reported that area crime is down with few exceptions.  A second home was reportedly broken into at or near the St. Ann’s Church area.  The culprits were apprehended and all stolen good recovered.  This appears to be the work of distraction burglaries where the home owner is distracted while a second criminal enters the house and burglarizes it.  Be on alert for anyone claiming to be with the utility companies and request I.D. If in doubt call 911 for police assistance.  The three (3) hr closure of the 5FWY last week stemmed from a hot pursuit of a criminal across the LA-River, the freeway and Elysian Park.  The culprit was apprehended with aid from the K-9 patrol.  People continue to be victimized by the “lottery scam”.  Individuals claiming to have winning lottery offer it to folks (particularly the elderly) in exchange for large sums of money.  O. Hill knows of one individual who was scammed twice to the tune of $15-20K.  Remember that if it sounds to good to be true it always is not.  O. Hill reported that countless numbers of so called “soft criminals” will be release from jail due to overcrowding and budgetary reasons.  He offered to give the EVNW a list of criminals released in Elysian Valley.  We will pass this on to you as soon as it becomes available.  Lastly, we were alerted by residents in attendance to a sexual pervert in Elysian Valley for which petition efforts will be circulated to pressure the City District Attorney to prosecute, imprison the perpetrator.  This campaign will be supplemented with telephone pressure to the District Attorney’s office.  Stay tuned for more information on this necessary/pending effort.  

  • CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report  

No representation in attendance.  Residents requested that we do more to secure CD13 attendance. 

Announcement was made informing residents to the new community garden in Elysian Valley.  The Elysian Valley Fields Community Garden is a gift from a private property owner with a great heart and love for Elysian Valley.  Applications were on hand and they can also be had from the EVNW website.  David had scholarship applications on hand (Beca Estudiantil Miguel Angel-BEMA) for Latino/Latina graduating high school seniors who have been accepted to college and/or are already in college.  The scholarship has been in effect for eight year in memory of David’s Godson Miguel Angel-an engineering student attending Cal Poly who died tragically in a house fire. The application too will soon be up on the website. The LA-River lights are on (operating) up to Dallas St.  Completion of the project is set for May but given the progress made it will likely be ahead of schedule.  The street lights up to Riverdale Ave., which represent “Phase III” of the lighting of Elysian Valley, are installed with some partially operating already.  The project has a completion deadline of April.  Effective May 1st, please report any non-operation light and missing bulbs for immediate fix.  Be reminded that residents are being taxed for this service so we have a right to have the light working properly at all times.

Phase IV is the final leg to light the balance of the neighborhood.  Residents inquiring about when this will take place were asked to press the CD13 Council Office (Eric Gacetti), and those running for elective office to commit to securing funding for this necessary street light completion.  The Neighborhood Council grants have been approved for area services and were praised for their thorough evaluation of said project and for their valued and appreciated work in favor of all Elysian Valley stakeholders.  Residents were encouraged to attend the NC meetings in support of this local governing body and to bring any issues of concern to them for their advocacy with City government.  The NC meets every 3rd Thursday (this April 19th) of the month at the Elysian Valley Recreation Center (Ripple St. & Benedict) from 6-8:30 PM.

Thank you for your continued participation and help in making Elysian Valley Safe.

Know your neighbor!  Know your neighborhood!

And always remember to call 9-1-1 if you have an emergency.