EVNW Meeting Minutes – 2/8/2012

Following are the minutes from our meeting Wed. Feb. 08, 2012 meeting:

Portable Video Surveillance Update (O. Hill/David D.):

O. Hill mentioned that because this is the first of a new type of a mobile video surveillance project, plan which includes scope of project, location scenarios, hardware, software, accessories, setup, training, support, documentation, etc. to be completed in the next couple of weeks.  At that time, LAPD/Elysian Valley NW will be provided details of what can be purchase with the funds EVNW raised ($3,230.00, which includes $150 donated this night by area residents).  Thank you to the many businesses and area residents for your generosity and care for Elysian Valley.  David reported the installation of Neighborhood Signs to be ongoing.  To become move visible in the coming weeks as more light poles are installed

O. Hill, clarified for all in attendance that the cameras system will be entirely “stealth” and area target specific-making it a great crime fighting tool benefiting Elysian Valley.  We are the pioneering community using this technology and the hope is to see it implemented in other communities throughout Los Angeles.

O. Hill clarified for all that the young lady found dead in front of Allesandro Elementary School, during the past weeks, was not killed in Elysian Valley but was instead dumped in the area.  The search for the culprits is on going.

O. Hill promised to request additional officer patrols on the LA-River to help curtail illegal activity

O. Hill reported that area crime was reported to be generally down in Elysian Valley with the exception of auto thefts.  Individuals have been stealing vehicle license plates and placing them on vehicles used in crimes.  Residents were asked to report any missing license plates to LAPD as soon as it becomes known. It was recommended that they shave off the screw heads if possible to make difficult the removal of plates with a screw driver.

Last week in the Los Feliz community an Auto Theft arrest was made of a suspect who admitted to not breaking into cars. Instead he walks the streets checking cars with unlocked doors. Suspect then removes property from the UNLOCKED cars. Some of the items found on suspect were GPS, cigarettes, purfume, jewelry, sunglasses, currency coins and phone chargers.  Residents were reminded to:

– Park your vehicles in your drive when possible

– Do not leave items visible

– Place anit-theft devices (alarm systems, steering lock)

– Park your vehicles in well lighted areas

– Keep all doors and windows LOCKED

– If cars are stolen or burglarized, immediately report it to the police

Lastly, residents were reminded to report any suspicious activity, to use camera phone to documents vehicle description and to dial 911 when needing the police.

Area Emergecy Preparedness Plan (including training, material and survival kit)

Glenda, presented an emergency training offered by LA Fired Dept. to be offered the following dates: 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19 from 6-9 pm

A location near Elysian Valley is being secured for this training and will be communicated soon.  This opportunity was presented to Elysian Valley due to cancellation from other community.  Please consider signing up for this training, which will include a certificate.

We discussed approaching Public Storage and/or purchasing a container to house emergency survival supplies for Elysian Valley

The Neighborhood Purpose Grants were announced and can be downloaded from evnw.wordpress.com site.  All interested in filing deadlines were encouraged to log on for more details.  We discussed using these available funds to possibly bring an electronic Info. Board much like the one had by Allesandro Elementary School to publicize area news and information, placing I.D. marks along the LA-River path to identify street names emergencies arising on the River.

Block Captain Sign-Up

Individuals were encouraged to sign-up to be block captains that can be counted on to report any undesirable block conditions.

CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report (Marta Segura-Delivered by David):

Elysian Valley Lighting:

The project is moving forward as planned. The contractor has completed the installation of the foundations, laying the conduits and pulling the wires. Some of the poles (on Riverside Drive) have been installed. By the end of February the Bureau of Street Lighting are expecting to receive the first shipment of the concrete poles for the side streets and they will installed as soon as received. The rest will follow soon after the first shipment. BSL is hoping that the contractor completes all the work within the first half of 2012.  For more information, please contact Alejandra Marroquin at Alejandra.Marroquin@lacity.org or at 323-957-4500

LA River Path:

As you may have already seen, the “Share the Road” signs were completed and installed and have been well received.  Thank you to the Neighborhood Council for all of their assistance with this.

Regarding the graffiti, the LA River Keepers have been dispatched to remove graffiti.  They will also be continuing to monitor and supervise the area for further abatement.  They can be reached at the following address, numbers and email address:

Pablo Cardoso

Sr. Program Manager

LA Conservation Corps

1400 N. Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(323) 224-2550 ext 501

(323) 224-2562 Fax

pcardoso@lacorps.org; ymcorona@lacorps.org

Copper wire lighting thefts: The Bureau has started the work this month for the replacement of the stolen wire at the LA River Bikeway from Fletcher Avenue to Riverside Drive. The work will include the replacement of the stolen wire, and the encasement and lowering of all existing pullboxes to deter future wire theft incidents. It is anticipated that the replacement and encasing of the pullboxes will take 4 to 6 months. The Bureau of Street Lighting has skipped over other projects due to the pressure that both, the community and our office exhibited.  The completion date is June 2012.  The Bureau of Street Services has taken responsibility for the lack of security on the boxes.

EV Community Garden:

Thanks to Sally Martinez, Alejandra and all of the team work with the community, DWP has the application for a water meter and it has been paid for and processed.  The total cost was $345 ($250 + 95 for necessary alterations).  Installation should be completed in the coming days.  I cannot thank you enough for your tireless assistance and push to have this done.  Bob saved us a lot of money by finding the antiquated meter, Sally of CD-13 with her endless magic with DWP officials and Al with not accepting the initial $2000 plus charge that was demanded by an uninformed DWP staffer this morning.  (David Delatorre)

Bulky-Item and Graffiti Abatement


Neighborhood Watch Enrollment





 Thank you for your much valued attendance and participation.