LA River Pedestrian and Bike Path Lighting update

LA City Update:

“Our crews started work on the LA River Bikeway 1C the second weekend of January (1/7-1/8), the first weekend was a Holiday. So we have been out there for only four weekends so far. The initial work, which is starting at the North end of this section of bikeway (Fletcher Dr) involves sawcutting around the pullboxes, followed by the removal of all of the concrete around the pullboxes (very labor intensive and time consuming). We then have to rework the conduit and reset the pullbox at a lower grade so we can pour a concrete cap to seal each pullbox. All of this work has to be done before we even consider pulling in new wires to get the lights back on, and this is the issue that the residents don’t seem to understand.

Per Palani, field supervisor, we may be able to get as many as twenty-one (21) of the lights on 1C operating by the end of this weekend’s.

Also, per Palani, he estimates that we will complete this section by June, 2012.”


  1. Thanks to all for all the improvements on the Fletcher to Riverside Drives sections of L. A. River Bike/Walkway. One problem though some of the entrances to the Bike/Walkway are impassable. I live near the Dallas St Entrance. Since I don’t drive I can only walk to this entrance. However, I am a Senior Citizen and I can not negotiate the washed out dirt steps. Is there any plans to refurbish the entrances that are in disrepair along this section of the L. A. River Bike/Walkway. If so all your Senior Citizens could enjoy the river and get their daily exercise. After all I believe some of our taxpayer money went for the improvements. I have brought this issue to both the Councilman Office and the Department of Recreation and Parks to no avail.

    • Steve, thank you for expressing your concern. I will pay the Dallas entrance a visit to see how we can improve the access for you and other senior citizens. I will too bring this issue to our Council Member’s office.

      Best regards,

  2. Thank you David for your quick respond to Council Member Garcetti’s Office. I receive an email from Sally Martinez, Senior Case Worker/Office Manager. She told me that she was going to take a trip to the site and have the City Department responsible for the Dallas St Entrance make the necessary repairs.

    One more item David, have you heard when the City/Contractor will finish installing the street lights from Eads to Riverdade. The contractor started last July installing under ground utilities but to date has not installed one light pole in the fore mentioned area. As you well know darkness breeds crime. Thanks again David for making the streets safer in Elysian Valley for all the residents.

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