Letter from Alejandra Marroquin

Dear Community Member,

I take great pride and pleasure in being of service and assistance to our communities and in the relationships that we have built during my time here in CD13. Therefore, I wanted to reach out and notify you of some important changes that you will begin to see during the New Year.
You may have noticed that I have attended fewer meetings recently than my norm.  This has been predicated by some health concerns that have not allowed me the free access I am accustomed to for my work.  Please do not be concerned, for I am fine and currently working with my doctors to get well as soon possible.  I will need to take some medical leave as part of this process, but until that occurs I will continue to be in the office working on your regular cases and projects.
I will be in my office for the month of January and potentially part of February. Please continue to send Sally and myself all of your cases and projects as we have always done.
The only difference that you will see as I move forward with my process is that another staff member will attend your regular meetings representing me. That staff member will be either Sally Martinez or Marta Segura.  Prior to your meeting, I will send you an email with an update on the progress of our projects and cases and the staff member attending will also be able to share that progress at the meetings as well.  At your meetings my CD 13 staff member will provide you with updates on any on-going projects, and will take note of any potential cases that our office may need to work on.  Upon returning to our office, Sally and I will then handle any new and/or old cases and projects that are in need of any follow-up work.
Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this letter.
In the mean time, allow me to share with you some news of our on-going cases and projects:
Elysian Valley Lighting:
The project is moving forward as planned. The contractor has completed the installation of the foundations, laying the conduits and pulling the wires. Some of the poles (on Riverside Drive) have been installed. By the end of February the Bureau of Street Lighting are expecting to receive the first shipment of the concrete poles for the side streets and they will installed as soon as received. The rest will follow soon after the first shipment. BSL is hoping that the contractor completes all the work within the first half of 2012.  For more information, please contact Alejandra Marroquin at Alejandra.Marroquin@lacity.org<mailto:Alejandra.Marroquin@lacity.org> or at 323-957-4500
LA River Path:
As you may have already seen, the “Share the Road” signs were completed and installed and have been a great hit.  Thank you to the Neighborhood Council for all of their assistance with this.
Regarding the graffiti, the LA River Keepers have been dispatched to remove graffiti.  They will also be continuing to monitor and supervise the area for further abatement.
Regarding the copper wire lighting thefts: The Bureau will start work in January 2012 for the replacement of the stolen wire at the LA River Bikeway from Fletcher Avenue to Riverside Drive. The work will include the replacement of the stolen wire, and the encasement and lowering of all existing pullboxes to deter future wire theft incidents. It is anticipated that the replacement and encasing of the pullboxes will take 4 to 6 months. The Bureau of Street Lighting has skipped over other projects due to the pressure that both, the community and our office exhibited.  The Bureau of Street Services has taken responsibility for the lack of security on the boxes.
For any questions regarding the LA River please contact Mitch O’Farrell at Mitch.OFarrell@lacity.org<mailto:Mitch.OFarrell@lacity.org> or at 323-957-4500 or Alejandra Marroquin.
EV Community Garden:
Currently our office is working with DWP to assist with the water meter costs and installation.  The EV community garden is moving along splendidly.  For more information, please contact Alejandra Marroquin of CD 13 or Edgar Garcia of the Community Garden Council at ecoxicano@gmail.com<mailto:ecoxicano@gmail.com>.