EVNW Meeting Minutes 1/11/2012

EVNW Meeting Minutes (1/11/2012)

  • Neighborhood Crime Report  (O. Fernando Ochoa in for O. Hill)
    • Reminded residents in attendance that all can subscribe to receive e-police report from the North East Police Dept. Capt. via the following weblink:
      1. LAPD e-policing HYPERLINK http://www.lapdepolicing.org/
      2. Reported one arrest in Elysian Valley for weapon’s possession during routine traffic stop
      3. Reminded resident to avoid being a crime victim by not leaving valuables (i.e. laptops, phones, GPS, etc.) in plain view inside vehicle (see attached flyer scan0259 & 0260)
      4. Reminded resident that late model Honda and Toyota models are easy to steal and suggested buying THE CLUB-available for $11 at the North East Police Station
      5. Re-emphasized the need to report crime in order to get said reports on their stats map and deploy police resources to Elysian Valley
      6. NO REPORT = NO CRIME!
  • Council Member Eric Garcetti Report (Ms. Marta Segura)
    • Updated the community on the LA/River pedestrian/bike path light restoration to begin in January

      1. Received from Mr. Kerney Marine on 1/12/12 (Via Mitch O’Farrell Senior Advisor, Special Projects-Council Office) the following:

“Bureau of Street Lighting confirms that crews have started work on the “phase 1C” [LA-River pedestrian/bike path] lighting restoration since last week-targeting completion for April.”

  • ·        Street Lights Installation Completion Status (Phase II)-up to Riverdale Ave.

1. Marta promised to check and report back with date.  Installation of new lights is well underway down Blake Ave.

2. She handed the attached city Flyer reminding resident to help prevent copper wire theft by being extra vigilant and reporting any suspicious

    activity to 911.  This is a City wide problem and one that has affected Elysian Valley already (i.e. pedestrian/bike path and area businesses)

3. Resident were reminded to report any light fixture problems to council office (i.e., broken laps, lights out, etc.).  Residents and businesses are

    paying an extra tax for this service and have a right and expectation for prompt service fix.

  • ·        The following information was offered to assist residents address/report illegal dumping on the LA-River.

The Bureau of Sanitation has a hotline:  (800) 974-9794.



Storm drains are for the sole purpose of handling rainwater overflow.

Dumping trash, pollutants and debris into the catch basins is illegal.

Call the Storm water Hotline at

 (800) 974-9794 to report the illegal dumping.

Storm Drain Maintenance and Repair

If you see a storm drain that needs repair or maintenance, please call:

    * (323) 342-6006 between6:30 AM and 4:00 PM

    * (213) 485-7575 between 3:30 PM AND 1:00 AM

4. Marta and Glenda (EVN Council) to work together to bring Area Emergency Plan training to Elysian Valley residents

  • Video Surveillance Update (fundraising update) – $1,280.00 Received to date:

Area Camera Cost:                                            $4,000.00

Less Cash Contributions Received to Date:       -<      80.00 >

Less personal donation from me via check:        -<    200.00 >

Less area business donation via check:              -<    250.00 >

Less local donation from residents via check:    -<     500.00 >

Less funds received today from area business:   -<     250.00 >    

Balance Amount To Raise:                                  $  2,720.00

David confirmed the overwhelming support received from all area stakeholders (business owners and residents).  Allen agreed to work with Northeast Police Station C-PAB Member and BLEND Director (Alan Berta) to select best surveillance camera for Elysian Valley.  All are reminded that this camera system will be property of Elysian Valley-not LAPD.  Thank you for your support and keep your contributions coming.

  • Neighborhood Watch Signs (installation in progress)
    • Installation of 100 signs has begun throughout the neighborhood and should be visible to many already (see attached images DSC1633 & 1789).   Special thank you to the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council for granting funds for these signs and to the many neighborhood volunteers.
  • Bulky-Item and Graffiti Abatement
    • DIAL 311 TO REPORT
  • Misc. area issues (i.e., Upcoming Metrolink meeting, CD13 Council Seat, State Assembly Rep. candidate to visit w/Elysian Valley Residents)
    • Ceci, Grove & Tuyen requested community support for the upcoming clean air meeting with the Metrolink Maintenance Railyard across the LA-River (see attached flyer scan0256): Meeting Jan. 25, 2012 (6:30 PM) at the LA River Center, 570 W. Ave. 26, LA, CA 90065
    • All are invited to come meet State Assembly Candidate Luis Lopez, hosted by Jardin Del Rio Community Garden on:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Jardin del Rio Garden

Riverdale Ave. & Crystal St.

Los Angeles, CA  90031

  • Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council (Mr. Steve Appleton-President)
    • Steve announced a desire to plan a ceremony around the recently installed “share the path signs” to further promote the LA-River Pedestrian/Bike Path-reiterating the message of courteous, shared use of this space (stay tuned for more information).
    • Residents were invited to attend the upcoming Neighborhood Council meeting on Thursday January 19 (6 pm start) at the Elysian Valley Rec. Center 2812 Newell Street Los Angeles, CA

Thank you!