Attention Northeast Community Members – ATM Safety

*ATTENTION* Northeast Community Members

This is a reminder to everyone that conducts business at banks, ATM machines, and other financial institutions. The following safety tips should be considered when patronizing these locations.

  • Whether you receive cash from a ATM or cashier, put it away quickly.
  • Maintain a supply of deposit envelopes and prepare them ahead of time.
  • Do not become so involved in your transaction that you forget about your surroundings even while inside a location.
  • ATM`s should be well lit. Be aware of people loitering around the bank parking lot. (Most LAPD stations have an ATM inside). If you notice somethng that seems suspicious or makes you uneasy, contact bank security or local law enforcement.
  • After completing you business, watch to make sure that you are not followed. If you believe that you are being followed, drive to your local police station or other open business. Flashing your lights and honking the horn may also attract attention to your situation.
  • In the event that you are confronted, it may be better to give up the property rather than resist. As soon as possible call 911 and provide the best information that you can.

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  1. Another tip–when depositing cash or checks, make sure to pre-count your bills and sign your checks before going to the ATM. You’re an easy target if you’re standing there counting out your 20’s or fiddling around trying to find a pen.

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