Portable Video-Surveillance – Call for donations


Dear Elysian Valley Neighbor, Friend and Area Stakeholder:

I’m following up with you on the efforts by our area Neighborhood Watch Program to secure a portable video surveillance system to help fight crime in Elysian Valley.  As discussed with you in person and/or via telephone, the camera system is one that has been recommended by LAPD (North East Police Station-Senior Lead Officer Bobby Hill)-see attachment.  With it, Elysian Valley will have the capacity to combat crime via target specific video surveillance-empowering LAPD with round the clock monitoring.  For example, if you have a recurring problem (i.e. vandalism, theft, illegal dumping, etc.) plaguing your block or business, we (EVNW) will direct LAPD to work with you to set-up hidden surveillance to apprehend the criminals in the act.  Because criminal activity will be monitored & recorded via this surveillance system controlled by LAPD, it will do away with the need for individual witness testimony, which is often hard to secure due to fear of retaliation and/or intimidation. We firmly believe that with this surveillance system in place in Elysian Valley, we will significantly improve area safety and quality of life for all residents by lessening criminal activity in the following areas:


Illegal Dumping




Narcotics Traffic/Sales

The cost of the camera system (including remote access laptop) is $4,000.00.  It has been the goal of the Neighborhood Watch to recruit/secure a large enough pool of sponsors that helps lessen the necessary individual/business contributions to meet our fundraising goal.  Thank you to the many of you who have already pledged a specific dollar amount to this worthwhile project.  The LACGC (Los Angeles Community Garden Council), a non-profit organization, is fiscal agent for the Neighborhood Watch Program.  As such, we extend you a welcome invitation to partner with us by making a financial (tax-deductible) donation for the purpose of this video surveillance purchase.  I encourage you to give as much as your budget permits, while stressing that no amount is too small.  Please note that I too will make a personal donation toward the purchase of this camera system.  Please make your generous contribution payable to Los Angeles Community Garden Council (LACGC) with special mention on the memo portion of your check-for Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch.    Please remit funds to:

Los Angeles Community Garden Council

c/o: David

2421 Riverdale Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90031

If you prefer, I can schedule an appointment with you to pick-up donation in person.

Best regards and thank you in advance for your decision to support the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch Program.  Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Best wishes for the New Year (2012).




  1. I understand the need to apprehend criminals plaguing a community, but how far is too far with surveillance? Is this a slippery slope to Big Brother?

  2. Talk to the community members of Skid Row and ask them what happened when they donated money and equipment to LAPD to secure the neighborhood before deciding to spend money on this.

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