EVNW Meeting August 10th at 7pm

Dear Elysian Valley Neighbors:

Please attend Neighborhood Watch meeting on Wednesday Aug.  10,  2011 The Neighborhood Watch meeting is held every 2nd  Wednesday of the month at DICKERSON EMPLOYEE BENEFITS (1918 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039) from 7-8 P.M  Please invite your friends and neighbors.

With crime on the rise in Elysian valley from assault with a deadly weapon to home invasion burglary, graffiti and theft, it is time we take control of our community by becoming active eyes and ears to our LA Police Dept. and looking after one another.  Note that nothing will change for the better without movement on our part.  I look forward to your attendance and working with you to make this program a model of success. 

Best regards and see you there.