EVNW Agenda – July 13, 2011

Meeting Agenda for July 13, 2011. 7 to 8 pm. Dickerson’s Employee Benefits.

  1. EVNW Steering Committee meeting update EVNW Committee made up of the following met on 6/24/11:
    Issues of Discussion:- Choose a NW sign/design, quantity, location/placement
    – NW Patrol & Use of Walkie-Talkie Communication
    – Elysian Valley Power outage (6/23/11)
    – Neighborhood Watch/Security Fair
  2. Discussion – Elysian Valley Sign Language Modification
    – Visibility/location (i.e., Riverside Dr./Blake Ave./Crystal St./LA River Inlet Path)
    – City Sign Restrictions?
    – NW Promotional Vest
    – Walkie-Talkie Communication Suggestion
  3. Recruitment
  4. LAPD Report
  5. Council President Garcetti’s Report

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  1. Minutes from July 13 NW Meeting:

    – 70 Neighborhood Watch Signs Needed to Cover Entry Points Along
    Riverside Dr./Ripple & Blake Ave….100 signs to be ordered
    – Funding for signs confirmed from Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood
    – Neighbors reported a high increase in theft of vehicle hub-caps and
    frustration with with LAPD not taking report via telephone–Office Hill
    promised to look into the matter and requested people affected walk into the
    North East office to file report if necessary.
    – Officer HIll reported that there is a $500 reward for apprehension of people
    committing graffiti or participating in illegal dumping.
    – Officer Hill suggested purchase of high tech camera to help combat crime in
    – Planting Creeping Vine in walls affected by graffiti was recommended
    – Officer HIll made mention of a citizen group that will assist the community
    with sit-in surveillance at hot areas
    – The NW Program will organize a paint-out group to walk and cover graffiti
    along with other neighborhood groups and LAPD
    – The NW spoke of organizing a Pedestrian River Bed Walkathon with other
    neighborhood groups to help promote pedestrian safety on the River bed
    – All in attendance were reminded to dial 911 for any police need—don’t
    bother calling the NorthEast Station

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