June 8, 2011 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 6/8/2011
Monthly Announcements
The wordpress website was announced as well as the facebook page.  Everyone is encouraged to post comments on the site and participate in it’s development.
Executive Committee
The EVNW is seeing members for an executive committee that would meet regularly and help define and give direction to the Neighborhood Watch group.
Non-Profit Status
The concept of moving the EVNW to a Non-Profit was presented. This will be one of the first task of the Executive Committee.
Watch Signs
Currently there is a neighborhood watch sign designed for Elysian Valley. Comments on design and location are being taken at this time and the purchase of the signs will be in the near future.
Current Events
LA River Lighting
Recently the copper wire was stolen out of the lighting project along the LA River bike path.  The investigation is ongoing and any information from anyone that may witnessed the crime is appreciated.
Shared Pedestrian and Bike Path
Officer Hill explained the definition of a ‘Crime’ as it pertains to a walker colliding with a bike rider. It is not a crime but an accident.  Conflicts and development for the bike path should be continued with the local neighborhood council and Eric Garcetti’s office.
Officer Hill updated everyone with a definition of recent scams in the neighborhood.  Three examples were: 1. “LA Official, such as a gas meter reader, approaches a home owner and ask to go the backyard. while the resident is walking them around the back a second individual would enter the house from the front and steal items.  2. An individual needs assistance with cashing a check or lottery ticket.  They are not a citizen so they give the fake check or lottery ticket to an Elysian Valley resident and then take that person to a bank and withdraw money of the same amount. Exchanging the check and Lottery for cash of equal value. 3. An individual says they have lost their dog or their child may be in your backyard. While you walk with them to the backyard to look for their lost love one someone else goes in through the front door and steals items from your house. —–Solution. Ask for Identification, driver license or a business card.  Ask where their car is parked. Close the door, lock it and call their employer and verify their employment and business card info. Call your neighbor or someone you trust and ask them to come over so your house is not left vacant. Take their picture if possible. A legitimate person will share their information.


  1. Word came down today from Council President Garcetti’s office that the LA River Pedestrian/Bike path light repairs are a priority and will be reinstated ASAP. Once reconditioned, EV residents are encouraged to stay vigilant for any strange/suspicious activity and dial 911 (police), if necessary.

    We continue to received reports of collision incidents on the Pedestrian/Bike path resulting in injury to pedestrians. EV residents are encourage to use caution, particularly the elderly and youth. Where possible, pedestrians should walk in a single file formation, with children and pets at their side. Pets should not be walked without a leash.

    Reports have been received of recycle item theft in EV. Residents have complained of people actually entering gated premises to steal collected recyclable cans and bottles from within their yard.. Be on the look out as the culprits are said to be driving a small white pick-up truck-possible a toyota or small ford. Victims of this and any other crime should call the police (911) and file a crime report. If they are bold enough to enter your front yard they’ll be bold enough to brake into your house.

    The Neighborhood Watch committee will meet this Friday evening to discuss and select an NW sign, decide a purchase quantity and place of posting.


  2. If you need a bulky item pick-up, please dial 311 an schedule it. The same is true for graffiti removal. You’re welcome to post any locations here. Be sure to include physical address, cross street and a general description.

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